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  • Products
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    Special Rubber Products

    Special rubber products, which belong to Special Rubber Factory of Xi’an Sunward Aeromat Co., Ltd, include all sizes of mould products; extrude products, rubber plates, rubber pipes etc. the products quality have already got the first class in the world and national leading stage. 


      The oil –proof rubber goods is the main products in our factory, and it is mainly used in immersion transformer, inductor etc. we have provided three thousand sizes of sealed goods for ABB and other famous companies, and some products replaced imported parts. The brand Sky has been the most famous one in the high-voltage apparatus industry.
      The other products include silicone rubber products, fluoro rubber goods and packer rubber for oil fields. Meanwhile, we can study all kinds of special rubbers and test their performance.
      Manufacturing Factory: Special Rubber Factory of Xi’an Sunward Aerosmat Co., Ltd.


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